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Remembrance (R. I. P Mr BORA) : Don't Major in Minor And Never Minor in Major

This is being published on 11th April, 2016 at exactly 9:19 P. M

This topic might seem strange or somehow to some readers but I can tell you vividly, this quote is the best ever piece of advice I have gotten and I can also give to anybody.

Firstly, let me use this medium to give respect and regard to the origin of this quote. This piece of advice is the first ever beneficial advice I had from a lecturer, teacher, adviser, pathfinder, helper, father and a mentor in person of Late Dr. W. O. Akande, popularly known as 'BORA' from department of Management of Accounting, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. May his perfect soul rest in perfect peace, forgive his shortcomings and I pray that may Almight God grant him Aljanat (Paradise).

It is really a great loss and Dr. Akande popularly called 'BORA' will always be remember for his good deeds, interpersonal relationship, selfless attitude, and the lives he had touched positively. The name BORA is si…

Journey into the picturesque valleys of Siliguri

A magnificent hill station near Darjeeling, Siliguri is one of the most beautiful places in India. Famous amongst those you love to explore the off beat destinations, the city has a lot of places where one can take refuge so as to get away from the hassles of a city. From the expansive Chilapata forests to the Savin Kingdom amusement park and a vibrant Hong Kong market, Siliguri has something for every age group. If you stay in Delhi craving a vacation in the quiet hills the Siliguri is the perfect destination for you. Just book your tickets on the Delhi to Siliguri train and get ready to explore the picturesque city of Siliguri. Some places in Siliguri where you must visit are as following.

Chilapata Forest: If you are planning to stay out in the lap of the nature then there’s a bungalow here which you can rent to spend your time here. The forest is magnanimous and hosts a huge variety of wildlife. Due to it’s proximity with Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, it is often visited by leopa…

The Most Effective way To Motivate Yourself

Motivation as a tool don't come in a cheap way. You have to put some necessary things in place to serve as a pulse which will drive you to act in order to achieve your set goals or objectives. Moreover, there are many ways you can be motivated; by persons, books, music, movies, TV Show etc.

However, some listen to music to get motivated, others by watching movies which push them to think positively towards achieving their goals. But for me, I think the effective ways you can get motivated are by reading books and get inspired by a great motivational speaker but there are also some effectives ways you can motivate yourself without the need of a speaker.

Firstly, you have to get your goals been planned every day efficiently and spend some time every day to focus on branding yourself and drive positively towards your dreams.

Thereafter, start your day by writing down those goals you want achieve on paper to help you visualize and see things into reality. Another important thing…

Actress, Teacher & Author Sheri Sanders on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

 Show #373

Topic: What it means to be a female entrepreneur in a male dominated entertainment business

Rock musicals are DOMINATING Broadway. Where rock musicals were once written by Musical Theatre composers such as Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Schwartz, Jason Robert Brown and Jonathan Larsen, they are now being written by AUTHENTIC pop recording artists.

Cyndi Lauper wrote Kinky Boots. Sheryl Crow wrote Diner. Regina Spektor wrote Beauty, Tori Amos' The Light Princess is up and running in London, Sting wrote The Last Ship. The musicals Motown and Beautiful are following in the footsteps of jukebox musicals such as Priscilla, Rock of Ages, and Jersey Boys, using authentic Motown and 70s folk/rock music.

Actress, teacher, and author Sheri Sanders has toured worldwide to teach teachers, students, and aspiring actors how to choose, cut, arrange, research, vocally style, and popular music to successfully audition for rock musicals.

Sanders' performance techniques have brought her stud…

See Yourself As Your Problems

Never run away for your problem, whatsoever type of problems or difficulties you are facing, the only way I know you can overcome your problems or challenges is to see yourself as your problem and tell yourself, "I am the problem."

Whatever the situation, whenever you are faced with problems, there are two (2) things involved, the victims of the problem and the problem itself.

Looking yourself as the victim of your problem makes it difficult and compound the situation to the extent that solutions are no where to be found to solve these problems. You lose the power to conquer challenges when seeing yourself as the problem. However, when you see yourself as the problem, and say to yourself 'I am the problem' then I see a big potential and insight power to solve the problems.

Those who think and take themselves as victims of their problems always blame others for their flaws and errors. If they are not happy, it is someone else's fault. Even if they are sick it …

How Positive Mindset Can Manifest Your Thoughts

Start your day with postive mentality by thinking positively and be excepting positive outcomes because positive outcomes begins with positive mind and positive thinking. 

A positive mind believes in himself, acts positively to achieve his or her daily. If you can start your day with a great positive mind and attitude, also avoiding negative mindsets that paints your self-confidence with low self-esteem and inferiority complex, believe me you will surely be accomplishing your daily objectives and goals.

Whatsoever the adventure of life, pursuit, plans, objectives, proposals, goals or tasks you have to start with a positive mindset and positive thinking to be successful in all whatsoever the challenges that you partake in.

Never doubt yourself, think like a winner, you must believe in yourself and have the feelings that your dream will manifest into your reality without a doubt in your mind. Take every step boldly and say to yourself "I can do it," and "I must achieve…

7 Mistakes New Business Owners Make

by Deborah A Bailey

For many of us, starting and running a business isn’t something that comes naturally. In school we’re instructed in how to choose careers, not start businesses.

If this is new to you, you will not learn how to do it after just one class in marketing, sales or writing a business plan. You will have to adjust your entire way of thinking.

Here are some mistakes that new business owners should watch out for (some of them will be familiar to you even if you’ve been in business for a while).

1. Spending lots of money on things you don’t need.  If you aren’t selling a lot of products you may not need an elaborate e-commerce set-up. Don’t plan on big product launches or obsess over having thousands of social media followers if you’re just starting out. You’ll be setting yourself up for failure if you try to follow the gurus (who have built their businesses over time) and believe that you can achieve the same success in 5, 8 or 10 easy steps.

2. Not wanting to spend any money on…

Watermelon, The Much Needed Fruit For Health Benefits

Watermelon is a fruit mainly from Africa. It is a berry known scientifically as pepo. The fruit is huge, almost the size of a football. It has a thick outer covering of light and dark green stripes. The inside is juicy, pink fibre that has white and black seeds. Today, even seedless watermelons are available and you can include them in your fruit basket. Water melons can be eaten raw or can be cooked. Usually the watermelons are grown in wild, but today, due to its popularity, it is cultivated in huge amounts. Watermelons are grown in India, Asian Countries, Europe, Africa and America. China is the world's largest producer of watermelons.

Watermelon is an annual fruit. It grows on plants that have long, weak and climbing stems. The plants can grow up to 3 m long. Unisexual flowers, both male and female occur in the same plant. The fruits may grow up to 20 cm in diameters, and some cultivated breeds can go up till 70 cm.

Nutritional value - 100 g of watermelon contains 30 calories of…

Blog Interview: Meet Mazino Oyolo Kigho Of Mazinoweb Dot Com

Today, we bring you a professional bloger in Nigeria. He is a social media marketer.  He is an experienced blogger and understand blogging style better, therefore enjoy the interview with the owner of and learn a lot from his experience. 

1. Can you please tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

Answer: I am Mazino Oyolo Kigho, a passionate Nigerian blogger and social media ethusiast. My blog URL is

2. Tell us when did you start blogging professionally ?

Answer: I have been into blogging since 2008 but professionally 2013.

3. Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?

Answer: I see it as my hobby

4. Please kindly tell us about your blogging journey so far?

Answer: Blogging so far has been fun, challenging and rewarding.

5. Did you really have any expectations (short term, long term, financially) when you started blogging ? If yes, what were those expectations ?

Answer: I delved into blogging because I wanted to build my online presence and that was just…

The Sacrifice of Success

Many people like to be called successful man or woman, even with clear indication human being like and want to associate themselves with successful people. Who does not like good things? Everyone wants to enjoy but does not sacrifice anything. Success is not built a day, it is a product of long perseverance, endurance, challenges and other difficult moments.

As one of my friends does say, at the market of success there are no bargaining, you must pay for the price. Never ask for a discount in that market, no book me down, no credit, kindly pay the full the price in order for you to enjoy that commodity called SUCCESS.

To succeed, there are many costs and sacrifices that person would make. The following are just few of the cost or what you will experience when you are on course for the success trip.

Laziness is not an attribute for any being who seeks the gateway of success. A success seeker goes late on bed and wakes up early in the morning to c…

Beyond Love (Episode 1)

Beyond Love : This is what you can't afford to miss. Sit tight and enjoy the first episode of the 'Beyond Love' 
After six months of no conversation, Ron and Reva picked up from where they left. They talked for hours and nights together, they got to know each others routine, habits and almost everything. They understood each other more than anyone else did and the irony being that they had never met. Being thousands of miles away didn't matter to them. They exchanged numbers and soon his jawline was clear to her and her eyes were no longer a mystery to him.

One day deep into a conversation he realised he was in love with her; the butterflies in his belly indicated the nervousness that tickled him everytime he read her texts. Not even aware of what her middle name was, he was already planning about their wedding; just as he was about to dream of the wedding night, his brain pinged him back to reality.
"What if she doesn't feel the same about me?"

DO YOU FEEL SHY? Top Seven (7) Effective Ways To Overcome Shyness

Shyness as defined it is a state of being embarrassed about meeting and speaking to other people. Shyness is a state of lack of confidence, low self-esteem and sometimes inferiority complex. Some people experience this timid feeling may be as a result of above-stated reasons or other factors unknown to them. It is really an embarrassment to get easily frightened and not willing to meet or come near people.

To be sincere, we all admire people who are confident and bold enough to speak wherever they find themselves. However, nobody will like a person who lacks self-confident as a representative or who do you? Then why can't you see that state of yours been shy as a challenge you must overcome? As posted in one of motivational posts titled 'See yourself as your problem', never think this feeling cannot be overcome. A shy being will surely be denied of many important things he or she should have gotten. You lack boldness then you will be forced to accept decisions you should…

An Inspirational Poem: Never Too Late

Never Too Late

Ever in an insanely freaky mood,
Broken a dear's heart, been that rude?
Seen those tears roll down their cheek,
And regretted why the hell did you even speak?
Then don't worry, just hurry, hear your inner voice,
'Cause it's never gotta be too late to Apologize.
Ever lost temper in a crazy fight?
Made your friends, enemies for life?
Humiliated them, insulted them, never been nice,
Just one misunderstanding severed all ties!
Grudges only weigh you down,
Never hold them for too long.
'Cause it's never too late to forgive and forget, Never too late to make relations strong.
Ever hated yourself for loving someone?
Denied your love 'cause the world will make fun?
Found your special someone out in the crowd,
But didn't have the guts to say it out loud?
Once you find the right person,
Just don't wait.
Leave the rest on fate. Confess your love before it gets too late.
Ever felt like you are blessed with all the troubles?
Your life's made hell and loneliness just …

Why Teleseminars and Webinars Could Be Your Secret Weapon

by Lisa Sasevich

 Several years ago when I launched my business, I had a newborn and a three year old at home. I was the breadwinner of my family, and I was constantly struggling to keep all the balls in the air that I was juggling.

Today, my kids are quite a bit older, I'm still the breadwinner and I'm still working from home, but my business is thriving to the tune of having now done more than $30 million in sales. Plus, I'm touching people all over the world - all while taking a yummy amount of vacation time.

People ask me all the time, how in the world do I do it all?

The truth is, I do have a secret weapon. I use a very simple tool over and over again: the teleseminar and webinar.

Teleseminars are audio trainings that are given over the telephone that people from all over the world can listen to. I've had people from 134 different countries listening in!

A webinar is similar, but adds a visual element, with your viewers sitting in front of their computers, tablets or sm…

The Time is Now! Believe in Yourself

The greatest motivational tool and skill an individual can have is to start believing in himself. Have confidence and abilities in whatsoever you are doing, because without self-confidence I don't think you can ever achieve anything let alone succeed in this life.

It seems somehow strange to me when some people look down at themselves, living not their self-life, struggling with the illness of inferiority complex. As a matter of fact, whoever lives in this situation and with this illness, the only way to cure this problem is with your self-confidence. You need not to suffer from this trouble when proper steps are taken and your inner powers are being unleashed to overcome any problem.

Some people disbelief in themselves and have no confidence at all in their abilities and they believe can never put it over. This shows the degree of their inferiority complex feelings, lack of confidence and self-doubt. The basic solution to this problem is to discover why you are having these n…

Ways To Easily Solve Any Problem

It is not doubt that as a human being we confront issues or let me say we face problems everyday of our lives. Ordinarily these issues or problems can really be an open door in mask. Taking care of problems can be separated into steps that will make explaining the current issue much simpler. You can recover the issue settled and get to your life.

 Identify the genuine issue. Regularly individuals think about an issue as far as its outcomes. You truly need to burrow to the base of the issues you are having and recognize the source. In the event that your issue is that you don't have enough cash you have to discover the foundation of you absence of assets. It might be poor planning, spending an excess of or something more terrible like a betting enslavement. Whatever the source is, that is the thing that you have to alter. 

 Come up with a list of solutions.Once you have recognized the genuine issue the time has come to concoct a rundown of solutions. More often than not there is mor…

Blog Interview : Felisterisike Educational Blog


1. Can you please tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

Answer: My name is Felister Isike, and I blog on available scholarships for all Africans, Career, Educational articles and news and lots more. And my blog URL is

2. Tell us when did you start blogging professionally? 

Answer: I started in 2015

3. Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?

Answer: Blogging is really my hubby

4. Please kindly tell us about your blogging journey so far? 

Answer: The Journey so far has been awesome and thank God I have been able to meet some people needs mostly those that do not know how to search for scholarships available in different Universities

5. Did you really have any expectations (short term, long term, financially) when you started blogging ? If yes, what were those expectations ?

Answer: My expectations at the end is to see that everyone that are willing to go to school get the information on available scholarship they coul…

Author Q&A: Sugarland by Martha Conway

About the Author
Martha Conway's first novel, 12 BLISS STREET, was nominated for an Edgar Award, and her novel THIEVING FOREST won the North American Book Award for Historical Fiction. Her short fiction has been published in The Iowa Review, The Carolina Quarterly, The Massachusetts Review, Folio, and other journals. She is the recipient of a California Arts Council fellowship, and teaches creative writing at Stanford University's Online Writers Studio and UC Berkeley Extension. Her latest novel is SUGARLAND.

About Sugarland
IN 1921, TALENTED young jazz pianist Eve Riser witnesses the accidental killing of a bootlegger. To cover up the crime, she agrees to deliver money and a letter to a man named Rudy Hardy in Chicago. But when Eve gets to Chicago she discovers that her stepsister Chickie, a popular nightclub singer, is pregnant by a man she won’t name. That night Rudy Hardy is killed before Eve’s eyes in a brutal drive-by shooting, and Chickie disappears.

Eve needs to find Chick…