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Types Of Friends You Must Have In Your Life

No doubt about it, friends are very important in someone's life because they play significant role. Friends are like angel sent to you by God to support and assist to achieve your goals. However, it is not all your friends that are like angels, some are devil or Satan among them. In course of this, in my previous post titled who are truly your friends? I defined and explained who are the true friends. 

However, I am human being I have never thought of it and I don't need my life to be perfect because only Almighty God is perfect. The only thing I want is to be always with few number of friends I have. For this reason, never expect your friends to be absolutely perfect. We are all human who are bound to make errors and fallacies. To protect your friendship with a good fellow, try to make them happy always.

Moreover, never lose them, who? Friends who appreciate you and try to make you happy always and run away from friends who want you sad always. They don't want good things…

Who Is Truly A Friend?

Who is really a Friend? I know you think you have an intimation. I know you think you know the answer. Really, I think you may have a sign as well as know the answer however who is genuinely a companion? An awesome misguided judgment about the meaning of a friend is; a companion would someone say someone is you move around with all the live long day or will you say a man who goes to your home, go through numerous hours with you or a man who you move with starting with one road then onto the next? Genuinely it is most certainly not. A companion is basically a man who knows the bearing of your life and reminds you at whatever point you overlook or you lose all sense of direction with a specific end goal to get back on the track to accomplish your objectives and destinations. 

In actuality, individuals ought to be honored with companions who are much the same as mirrors and shadow in this life keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish at all the objectives might be. A genuine companion m…

Improve Your Life By Becoming Your Own Agent Of Change

This life is too short than you thinking that you still have more century years to live on this earth. Change is constant, do you also agree? Change is one difficult things to do if not the hardest thing to do in this life. But as a matter of change it is possible for you to change from that negative mindset and move to a positive change to improve your life. Do not expect anybody to change your life for you or are you waiting for somebody to improve your life for you?

Never and never wait for anybody because time is too short. You are the change yourself, you must be and you are the number one agent of change of your life which will motivate your life to change your life positively. Becoming agent of change of your life might be difficult somehow but you be ready to change if truly you want improve the quality of your life. It is easier to do if your level of confidence is intact, you know the direction and bearing of your life and finally you stay focused to handle any negativity in …

Can This Be Real? I Love Humanity But I Hate People

I ran over this point on the web. My early introduction was contempt individuals, can this be conceivable yet when I dove deep in my reasoning I later acknowledge it is 100% reality that we may abhor a few individuals and still love humankind on the loose. By what method would you be able to love mankind and scorn individuals is that what you are supposing there my sibling? obviously yes, you can do. How? There are a few individuals you meet or realize that are of negative minded which you don't partner yourself with them all together not to influence the great course to accomplish your fantasy. At that point, you may such adverse individuals however you feel for them as human. Let accept they have any issue which would you be able to help them, not on the grounds that you abhor them didn't stop you to offer that great motion to them.

As an issue of certainties, you can even love everyone in this world. That is the reason some say this is my foe and this is my companion. From …

How To Safeguard Your Dream From Thief Of Dreams

Do you know you have got a dream to actualize? If you don't know then you have to firstly read this topic first ACTUALIZE YOUR DREAM . Believe me you have a vision to see may be you don't know, you got a life to live. Many people be it your friends, family members, relatives, neighbours and colleagues are waiting for your light to shine and I know, for sure, the time has come and it is now. Never fail to manifest your dream now. Show the world that bright dream and shining light of yours. Give your life a meaningful definition by showing your people that beauty or instinct that is within you. 

You can make a difference now because without you actualizing your dream this world is incomplete. You have got a reason to live may be you don't know. You have to actualize that your dream to show the world the real you and let the world know you are special.

However, you having a bright dream and wonderful life is enough my brother and sister. Why? There are thieves outside…

God's Principle Is The Source Of Peace Of Mind

Principles or Standards are set down rules or principles to deal with the idioms and activities of the general population. Standards are like laws. Every nation has its own particular laws which controls the nation against her do and don't of such nation. Going down to the last unit in this world which is the family, every family has their set down methods for doing things. Indeed, some these regulations and tenets their societies. 

In any case, that is not where I am going, the main standard which directs different standards is that of our MAKER. The standard of God is the best and even the one where all standards, principles, regulations or morals were extricated. Hence, why you overlooking your God, you have overlooking this standard or do you think the guideline has changed that is the reason you are carrying on with your life as though no one will consider you responsible for it. Nothing has changed, God's standards and Laws are the special case who has never and will neve…

The Great Power Of Giving Out

Life is not about getting at all. This life is just all about giving. I have come to realized that is worthy giving out whatever you have to the less privilege to us.The habit of giving is a habit that must be cultivated by everyone of us. I hereby urge all my readers to try do cultivate this beautiful habit.

Many don't know the benefits and advantages in giving out what you have please others, to make them, to make them feel they have a life worthy living. Many people in this world had lost their hope, they believe that they cannot achieve anything and that their bright dream can no come to true again because of the current difficulties or situations they find themselves.

Look at yourself, you have many things who even sometimes become a waste because the resources are in abundance. Why not you giving you out this resource you are wasting to others who don't have to make them happy. As a matter of fact and what I believe is "givers never lack", some think giving out t…

Five (5) Effective Ways To Live An Exceptional Life

Living an exceptional life is what every human being wishes. Living an exceptional life simply means living a positive unusual life, that is, an outstanding life. Though, it is what every man wishes but not every single being will live such life. Why can't we all live an exceptional living? As a matter of fact, not everybody will live the exceptional life of living may be because of factors like; laziness, incompetence, shyness, not patient enough or undetermined mindset. 

 Do you truly want to live an exceptional life? If yes, then I have gathered these suggestions I think are the effective ways or tips to live an exceptional life. The following items below are the five (5) ways that can help you to truly start living an exceptional life; 
1- BECOME IT, DO NOT DEMAND IT. The reason why many people are not living outstandingly is because, they keep waiting. Who are you waiting for? Do not wait for anybody in this world be it parents, family members, friends, neighbours etc to give …

Do You Feel Afraid? 7 Effective Tips To Manage Your Fear

The word 'FEAR' is an element which many people don't like because you look a lot by being a fearful human being. Though, technically looking at it fear can be seen as a normal thing. A saying in my mother goes as this "A child will feel he is bold enough because he has never faced a fearful thing or circumstance." Fear differs in term of meaning to each individual. Some see person who is afraid of doing basic activity as a coward. As a student, we have many student who are afraid of this particular called Mathematics, they see it an horror or demon, which they normally run away from. When you are afraid of particular thing, the level and negativity towards such thing increases. Therefore, do not welcome the habit a coward man.

What really causes or being the source of your fear?  Some feel afraid to do some basic task because they think they cannot control it or they might succeed from such task. The ugly feeling keeps you down, tells you not to kick-start the th…

How To Stay Positive During Good Or Bad Times

Positive thinking is a strong mental thing. As a matter of necessity you cannot things done rightly without get motivated. There are many things which can motivate you to achieve your goals or objectives. Though positive thinking shows a state of seriousness but to the extent of misconception have about it. People have  misunderstood the positive thinking of what thee what is itself. Being a positive thinker doesn't mean you ignore your people, family members, friends or avoid participating in the society.But if it is that is what you called positive thinking then you are thinking other way round.
Positive thinking for me is a matter of time. Do you agree with me? Let me explain it, you can only think positively when you are comfortable with your current situation. Do you expect someone who is en-battling with many problems to think the same way a happy and comfortable does? No, it is not possible, you cannot expect an individual going through a number of problems or disasters to …

NO MAKE UP THERE? 10 Things That Make Ladies Beautiful

Beautiful ladies are those with natural beauty not the artificial one called make-up cosmetics. As a matter of fact, there are beautiful and wonderful ladies who does not use make up while there are other beautiful ones too who apply those cosmetics may be to add more value or may be because their friends are using it too.
Many ladies believe nowadays that without applying make-up cosmetics they cannot look beautiful. Which is a big lie. For me, I do and will always appreciate a natural beautiful lady who does not believe in the power of cream to look gorgeous. Sometimes I know men are wise enough, they cannot be interested with any lady who uses all types of colour to design her face in the name of beautification.
Though, it is normal to apply some creams to maintain the complexity of your skin but not to put 5 kg of ink of different colour on your face to attract men. Well, a man like me it can never work. It is pertinent to know that beauty is in eye of the beholder.
 Using our mother…

7 Things You Must Know Before You Fall In Love With A New Person

Falling in love with a new person is something very difficult when your recent partner just jilted you. Your recently discovered ordained mate is a man who has been a lone wolf or old maid position for long stretch. Genuinely, it is difficult, the truth of the matter is that he will have his own forlornness method for living which he has been adjusted to. You can't move a mountain a day, you should be patient and make him or her a magnificent accomplice. 

The accompanying focuses recorded beneath are the recommendations for you as a man who simply found another relationship, a genuine mate however with somebody who has been a forlorn individual for long stretch or who has never entered a relationship in his lifetime.

Try not to accuse your new excellent holy messenger or that man of your life since he or she doesn't share his day by day exercises and different things with you. You know he is new to the diversion, you need to tutor him on it. H…