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How To Choose The Best Eyeglass Frames Online

With the development of the eyewear technology, designer glasses have become part of most of the people around the world. Today, goggles are sported not just for vision improvement or for protecting eye glasses but also for looking stylish. Choosing the best designer frames is a bit challenging task. The eyewear manufacturers are providing the flexible and lightweight range of glasses that matches your physical appearance. Designer glasses brings perfection on your face. Here are few of the steps while you choose glasses of your choice from some online store.

Choose glasses that are complementary to the shape of the face. The seven face shapes are round, heart shaped, square, rectangular, oblong and oval angular face looks fresh in rounded rims. Innocent faces look smart with the sharp-edged frame. For a person with round face, square shape makes their face appear slimmer and longer. For triangular face select geometric rims.
Depending in your pocket you can choose designer glasses from…

Tips for Designing SEO friendly Website

The website design is very important and the key of the success of the site. The SEO friendly website is a factor of success and for creating such website there is many techniques that are used now a day. It will definitely help me in building the better and effective website. Some people did not consider the SEO friendly website logically correct they thing that is foolish think that SEO expert impose on the website designers. Whether it’s their thoughts and the imaginations but SEO marketers know that what the standards of the search engines are. There are many tactics for the SEO designers to improve the website from SEO point of view.  Following tips of the SEO will help in making the website SEO friendly:
User Friendly Navigation: The user friendly navigation means that the structure of the website totally depends upon the search engine. Mostly the search engines fail to recognize the website because photos are used instead of the text. So while designing the website makes this p…

5 Things You Should Do To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

5 Things You Should Do To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

1. Write a letter to her  It’s a dying art boys really need to revive. Write things you usually never say to her. Tell her what she mean to you, let her know how lucky you feel to have her in your life. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just straight from the heart. It may seems too old fashioned for your personality but the excitement in her eyes would be definitely worth it.
2. Cook something This is  slightly complicated. Cook together if possible , Chances are, it’s going to be a mess but there’s going to be enough romance to fill your appetite.
3. Have a heart to heart conversation   Sit her down and have a one to one conversation with her about where she's headed in life, what she want to do, what her dreams are. Very often, we neglect the most important people in our lives. make her open up to you about what she want to do in life. Discuss what problems she is facing , Be her motivation, give her that slight push she need, he…

Are You Looking thru Your Unworthy Lens?

by Chris Atley

The unworthy lens is where you see everything through the “I’m not good enough” lens.

You see the obstacles in your business, instead of the opportunities, you see the shortfalls in others and yourself instead of the positives.

This is where you get down, feel like something has to give and are completely uninspired. You get sucked into he drama instead of the light.

You cannot see through the mud and the sludge.

This is when the fear sets in. You can’t see the way out so you think you’re trapped. You feel scared that maybe you won’t hit your goals after all. Maybe you won’t reach those big dreams. Maybe you do actually suck.

You start shrinking. You show-up differently in front of clients and prospects. You’re no longer having empowered conversations because the fear of not making it becomes so strong that you become debilitated. You start making assumptions about what others are thinking. You begin to care what other people are thinking.

You have slipped into a shame spira…

Here How You Can Travel In A Limited Budget

We all wish that we could travel more, but because of expensive air fares and car rental charges we put off our vacations. But not anymore, as many companies are there to make your journeys smooth and efficient. 
Their team shares interesting tips on how you can manage traveling in a tight budget. No need to put off your vacations now. Hospitality exchange services
Ever heard of it? Hospitality exchange services are provided by an organization that connects travelers with local residents in the cities they are visiting. You can find people who have beautiful homes and would love travelers to stay with them. The host place is provided free of cost and traveler is treated as a guest. It could be a great idea, specifically if you are traveling cross-cities. However, there is a very rare count of hospitality exchange organizations in Pakistan. You would have to look them up on the internet and connect with the relevant agency.
Volunteering for your way across the country That’s right. Yo…

CHILDREN DAY: The Nigerian Child, Hope For Tomorrow


According to Oxford Advanced Learners' Dictionary, it defines child as a '' young human being who is not yet an adult. '' In addition, the Convention on the Right of the Child (CRC) adopted by the United National General Assembly on 20th November, 1989 and also adopted by African Union in July 1990 defines child as '' one who is below the age of eighteen years. ''

As a result of the global recognition given to children the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) held a convention on 20th November 1989 and made Welfare and Right of the children topmost on their agenda.

At the end of the convention, it was unanimously agreed that:

1- Children must be free from discrimination on the grounds of belonging to a particular community or ethnic group, place of origin, sex, religion, the circumstances of birth, disability, deprivation or political opinion; and it is …

SPONSORED POST: Moët Party Day: Live In Lagos, Nigeria And Around The World, From Day To Night!

Day. Night. NOW.

Are you ready for a memorable day? Do you think you have the “savoir-fête*?

Then get ready to raise your game, and show us what you’re made of.

The annual edition of the global event ‘Moët Party Day’ kicks off in Nigeria for the first time, on Saturday, June 11th, 2016. 

June 11th symbolizes a milestone in savoir-fête history. On that day in 1967, the celebratory champagne spray was born at the 24-hour Le Mans race in France. American driver and winner Dan Gurney did something unexpected when he was handed a Jeroboam bottle of Moët & Chandon on the podium: he sprayed champagne over the crowd! And in that, a joyous new celebration was born. 

“The ‘Moet Party Day’ is another opportunity to celebrate and enjoy our exclusive range of champagnes around the world. On that day, we want Moët & Chandon to be at the heart of every celebration and for every celebration to be filled with special #moetmoments. “– Emmanuelle Baroux, Brand Manager Champagnes at Moet Hennessy Nige…

Get Free Education Scholarship

Holdings and liabilities nation, knowledge scholarships and grants get terrific relevance just by scholars. However, the positive monitor aspects linked to scholarships and subsidies are the main, some other sort of positive aspects may well inspire the student to obtain a lot of these scholarships and grants. An excellent knowledge scholarship or grant realizes that cleverest plus points within a useful discipline.

Additionally, the idea recommends scholars about nutritious levels of competition to obtain a specialized scholarship or grant together with cause them to become examine far better. More about Education at Outlyf

A lot of these scholarships and subsidies additionally inspire scholars to complete presence with a university or college together with university or college together with comprehensive their measure. The main basic fact approximately scholarship or grant is people improve the monetary amount of scholar together with allowing these keep going their knowledge.

To …

Top Quotes On Taj Mahal – The Land Of Beauty

Agra can be a historic town, situated on the funds town with Delhi. It can be a historical city and has now ended up outlined inside Mahabharata, by way of the identity with Areva, significance boundary in the natural environment. It described by way of the Local poets. That environment enjoyed is a partially dry environment. Metropolis can be a well-known as the land of beauty and traveler’s spot using Agra International Airport since it is a principal international airport. An additional international airport, by way of the identity in the Agra Airport terminal, can be an innovative manufacturing. Travel arrangements to help Agra are obtainable with just about all serious international airports in the environment.

The most efficient referred to the monument with Agra is usually not surprisingly Taj Mahal. It can regard as being among the list of Several Amazing things in the Environment. The idea made from white-colored marbled along with the bottom part with green sandstone. The f…

Best Dog Food for Boxer Dogs Review

Introduction to Dog Food: A crunchy, hard and artificially made substance fed to dogs and is the “Dog food”. Dog Foodis the food specifically and specially made for eatable bydogs just like allcarnivores, dogs also have sharp pointed teeth, and have short digestion intestine tracts better build for the digestion of meat. While having this natural carnivore short intestine design, dogs still has managed to survive thousands of years on meat instead of adapting over another food.  They also have survived on leftoversof human and non-meat scrap existence and on a variety of foods. Why Dog Food is Necessary: Since Dog food is designed to be the source of nutrition for a healthy dog. Supplementing a dog's diet with scrap or with other food leftovers by people is not necessary and can also cause health problems for dogs. Many leftovers and scrap contains sugar, salt, fat or other hygiene ingredients that are not healthy for dogs. Some foods, like chocolate for dogs, can make a dog very si…

The Best Credit Cards Businesses Need to Stay in Business

One of the many challenges small businesses face is managing cash flow. That's why having good credit and using it wisely are essential skills.

One aspect of running a small business many new entrepreneurs underestimate is the many different schedules both accounts receivable and accounts payable have.

You've just landed a large client. Congratulations. The contract is the most lucrative your new business has ever received, so you're devoting all resources to making this client happy. That's terrific, but what if they're not going to pay you anything for 30 to 60 days? Can you afford to stay in business that long?

Your electric and gas bills are due every month. So is the rent on your office space. You need supplies. Your employees want to be paid every week or two. They have bills to pay at home.

Credit cards for businesses come with several other advantages, besides enabling you to pay bills while you journey toward the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They en…

Give Your Home An Artistic Touch With Home Gym Wall Mirrors

Blank walls look like quiet and stand alone and seem that are waiting for someone. That blank wall says many things to you. The wall mirrors are the best way for the blank and empty walls so that it will get the language and can express the feelings and welcome the guests at the pleasant way. The wall mirrors are loved by every person because it will adore them. Wall mirrors makes the blank wall beautiful how?

The mirrors reflect the light and make the room and the place brighter and give the positive wipes to the people. And try to place the wall mirror opposite to the window so that it will give the effect of the out site. The place of the wall mirror matter a lot and make a difference. Do not restricted to the one mirror, you are free to use multiple mirrors in a single wall of multiple sizes and shapes to décor the home.
By using the mirrors on the staircases are able to make the wider look of the space. You can easily dress up the stair wall beautiful by using the beautiful and …

Electronic Waste Recycling is Important to Save the World!

The high number of technological advancements the world has seen in the past few years have brought us many conveniences and made out lives easier. Smartphones, tablets, sophisticated medical equipment, home automation – these are some of the things that changed our lives. But, the increased number of new gadgets and electronic items has made many electronic devices that we have used in the past obsolete and unwanted. 

This is what we call electronic waste or e-waste. Broken computers, empty printer inks, monitors, outdated cell phones and unwanted electronic equipment are just some of the examples of e-waste. This e-waste is not only taking out space, but it can also lead to increased pollution.

The fact is that the level of pollution on our planet is growing and electronic waste contributes to this situation. Our world and nature would be relieved in case there are no electronics at all. At the same time, if we toss out all the electronics we have in our homes and our offices, the env…

We All Do It For The Likes

The most primeval tendency of humans is the need for acceptance.  To think of it, we'd never feel alone or lonely if we didn't have that need to be accepted. We spend a certain major amount of time trying to fulfill that need alone. That simple need in itself is the major cause for such a hype in social media. 
When we do something or discover something of our liking which won't be appreciated by the people close to you, we turn to social media. It's filled with myriad of people with their arms wide open or screens wide open, to be specific!! Something as simple as getting a like on you photo turns into constant refreshing of the page to see the number change. 
If asked what is the hardest thing for anyone to do, you'd get diverse answers. But when asked if deleting your social media account is easier than what they answered prior, you'd definitely hear a pause. Now why did social media go from something to stay in touch to to something addictiv…

Quintessential Insight Into The Little Town Of Matheran

Matheran is a little hill station in the Karjat Tehsil of Maharashtra. With population of not more than 8000, Matheran is known to be the smallest hill station in India. This intriguing spot prohibits the entry of any vehicle into its area and therefore, for the people who are looking for a tranquil spot around Mumbai, Matheran is the best choice. Your Mumbai to Matheran taxican drop you off upto a permissible point here, and the rest, walk!

The extravagant green timberlands, the impeccable waterfalls, and the mountain peaks secured with a veil of fog make Matheran an immaculate spot for couples who are on a hunt for beguiling and surreal getaways. Not much into social events and gatherings, Matheran is inhabited by people who try to hold the magnificence of this spot sans any commercialization or man-made unsettling impacts. So it’s better if you get a Mumbai to Matheran taxi booked for yourself, since you won’t be allowed to take your car around the town here.
Albeit one can visit Ma…

What Is EID And Why EID Gifts Are So Special?

The festival of Eid is the greatest one for Islamic world. Muslims around the world spend two Eids, one is the Eid Ul Fitr that comes first after the month of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims in which all the blessing of Allah are showered upon Muslims. God orders them to stay without food and water from morning till evening; therefore they make it special by obeying the God’s command and prove him their loyalty. As a gift of obedience and patience for the Muslims, Allah gives them the gift of Eid which is known as Eid Ul Fitr.

The second time Muslims celebrate Eid is the occasion of Haj and the Eid that comes after the Haj is called Eid Ul Azha. That is celebrated in the memory of Hazrat Ibrahim and his Ismail who set an example of obedience for God’s Command. Allah came into the dream of prophet Ibrahim and said to him that God wants him to sacrifice his beloved son Islamic. The enemy Satan tempted hi…

Karolina Demianczuk: 21-Yr Old Founder of a $3 Million Start-Up