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The Changing Landscape of E-Commerce

The largest part of being successful in today's retail marketplaces is understanding the role of e-commerce and the way it has changed over the course of the twenty years or so since online shopping became an accessible alternative for most internet users.

Since that time, the field has gone from a minor sliver of the market that provides access to goods that might not be available locally to the go-to destination for bargain hunters, no matter what they seek.

E-commerce has obliterated shoppers' sense of distance as well, by providing them with access to goods, materials, and services that can be delivered quickly no matter where they originated.

Even the bargain-hunting phase of e-commerce has mostly passed now, though. With large platforms for small merchants and the online equivalent of big-box stores beginning to provide everyday bargains on top brands, the cutting edge in the industry is now in two areas: niche specialties and pop-up live events.

How Specialization Has Chang…

How to Hire a Good SEO Company

SEO is a great online marketing technique used to drive traffic to a website from the internet. It involves ranking a site in Google and other search engines so users can reach you site whenever they search for your targeted keywords. However a good SEO campaign needs good strategy which must be according to Google guidelines. If your site is not on right SEO practices then Google can even permanently ban your website from rankings so it’s necessary to follow only Google approved practices or if you have outsourced your SEO then your SEO company must be professional and must be practicing only white hat SEO techniques. Unfortunately, there are numbers of SEO companies which claim to provide best SEO services however they use black hat SEO and link building techniques to gain ranking. These rankings drop after a certain time and you can end up with paying heavy cost and a site which got hit by Google penalty.  It’s very necessary to hire a good and professional online marketing company…

6 Most Lucrative Small Businesses to Start in Dubai, UAE for Entrepreneurs

Although, the entire UAE is thriving with business opportunities allowing local and international entrepreneurs tocompany setup in dubai and expand them over time, Dubai stands tall and above all. With an abundance of resources, superb market competion and capital investment firms, the business atmosphere is just perfect as long as you comply with the regulations that may change with the economic shift. For now, let’s have a look at small businesses which, to our surprise seems to have outgrown across this wonderful city in the UAE!

1. Restaurant
Before you plunge into the restaurant business blindly, better determine the targeted population to serve during the course. There’re many different areas throughout Dubai famous for food lovers and with established restaurants all around, you’ll definitely face a heck of a competition and thus, more profit. For starters, go for Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and Arabian cuisine as they’re more delectable.
2. Electronics store Well, electronics goods…

How to Create Credibility if You’re Just Starting Out

by Lisa Sasevich

Testimonials and case studies attesting to the power of your work are great ways to prove your credibility, so that your ideal clients feel confident about investing in themselves through working with you.

But what if you’re just starting out in a new field or niche and you don’t have that level of evidence yet?

Never fear, because here are two ways to create credibility at the beginning of a new business—and a third approach that helps entrepreneurs at every stage articulate the power of their work:

1. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Make sure to use all the credibility that you created in previous occupations and highlight the qualities that made you successful. Whether you spent ten years wrangling five year olds as a preschool teacher without losing your cool or you were a rocket scientist, and now you’re teaching online marketing, what were the qualities of being a preschool teacher or rocket scientist that make you the best online marketing teacher ev…

The Latest Trending Blog in Nigeria" Ink & Pen's Blog

Ink & Pen’s Blog – Rapport Naija is one of the fastest growing blogs that constantly provides contents such as Nigeria Daily Newspapers Headlines, Political Opinion Articles from different writers, Poetry, Short Stories (Fiction and Nonfiction), Love & Relationship Tips, Self-Improvement/Motivational/Inspirational Tips, Entertaining Articles of Trending Topics, Lifestyle Articles, Interviews with Successful People around the world and many more.
As we all know, the world is fast developing and growing, and the need for entertaining and educative information is vital and can’t be underestimated. At Ink & Pen’s Blog, our main vision is to always provide information to blog readers across the world. Our passion is to constantly educate, motivate, enlighten and inspire all humans irrespective of their religion, race, political affiliations, sexual orientation, or country.
Like our domain appears;; Rapport is our keyword. We persistently aim to create …

Colouring Pages for Kids

Colouring Pages for Kids
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Kelly Stickel, CEO & Founder of Remodista on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show #387

Topic: Why are 80% of consumers female, yet less than 6% of retail leadership roles held by women?

Kelly Stickel is the founder and CEO of Remodista, a social think tank examining global retail disruption. A collaborative thinker, she is focused on understanding the layers of disruption in retail and translating insights into actionable items for retail brands using community as a business model.

Devoting a decade at Accenture and Acquity Group, Kelly spent a majority of her career focused on connecting people, cultivating women leaders, and building business development strategies in management consulting. Starting in recruiting, Kelly worked her way through vendor relations, business development, and alliance partnerships focused on marketing and commerce business problems in both B2B and B2C verticals.

Kelly is passionate about cultivating leaders and is currently focused on assisting women in key executive roles in business. Recently awarded the Women of Influence 2016 from …

Ultimate Guide for Successful Team Building

Ultimate Guide for Successful Team Building
Happy workers are a company’s most valuable asset. This is not just an empty phrase, since according to research conducted by the University of Warwick’s Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy, happy employees are 12% more productive. Moreover, 36% of employees would rather be happier at work than have a $5,000 raise, a study by HR consulting firm Randstad US says. 

Here’s another stunning fact provided by Gallup researchers: close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by stunning 50%. All these statistics mean that it’s of vital importance to keep employees happy at work. Team building is a great way of helping people connect, have fun and relax, at the same time creating a basis for a better communication, motivation and creativity at work. Here are some ideas to help you organize successful team building events. Image: Food for Thought Lunch breaks are one of the highli…

Coming up with a Perfect Financial Model for Your Startup

As an entrepreneur, you may find yourself confused and extremely stressed about all the steps that need to be covered in order to properly get a startup going. Financial modeling is one of the most difficult parts of running a small business and a couple of words of advice can go a long way in helping you establish a strong and secure company.

A Financial Model – what is it? At the risk of oversimplifying the general idea of it – a financial model is an abstract mathematical representation of how a company will work and go forward. The model usually consists of inputs and outputs, where inputs are assumptions – a driving force for the model (what drives your customer acquisition cost, yourchurn rates, distribution of pay, etc.). The set of projections that outline how the company will perform if the mentioned assumptions (inputs) are true are called “outputs”. Depending on assumptions, one model can, naturally, produce a variety of projections. Playing with the variables is pretty much …

Health, Sleep and Deviated Septum

Septum is a wall consisting of cartilage and bone that is separating our two nostrils. Ideally it would be perfectly mid-line. But, this is not usually the case. Per certain studies, almost 80 percent of population has a deviated septum. So how can someone determine if their septum is not perfect, are there any complications following and how to deal with having a deviated septum.
What is a deviated Septum? If the bone and cartilage that divide our nose in half aren’t perfectly mid-line, it is considered a deviated septum. Not many people realize that, but every four out of five people have this condition. It is sometimes unnoticeable because the septum isn’t crooked enough to create serious problems. Usually if the septum is offset by a small margin, it will go unnoticed and won’t need treatment. More serious deviations of the septum can block one of the nasal cavities. This can cause reduced airflow and make difficulty breathing.

Causes of deviated Septum Deviation of the septum can be …

Afraid to Say NO? Learn How this Is Impacting Your Business

by Chris Atley

So what is behind this tiny little word? Well, most of us are people pleasers at heart. We don’t want to offend anyone or hurt their feelings. This can be traced back to a deeper fear of not wanting to be alone – of not wanting to be “shunned” from the group. Essentially being unloved.

Who the heck wants that??!!

We all have a deep desire to connect and be loved at a core level. We want to be accepted into the group, and so we don’t always say how we feel and definitely avoid saying no.

So what ends up happening?

Well, we end up saying yes to whole sh*t ton of things we don’t really want to be doing. We then get resentful and overwhelmed with everything we have going on.

In a weird way it almost proves we’re unlovable – we’re too busy and stressed to give anyone our best.

So how does this show-up in your business?

Well, if you don’t like saying no and have a hard time with it, how are you going to accept it from someone else? It makes you feel terrible to say no, and you theref…

Small Business Ideas to Consider in 2017

Small businesses are very popular nowadays and for a good reason – they require little investment and the opportunities for growth are vast. The number of startups, however, is huge and it isn’t easy to come up with new and revolutionary ideas, so simply setting your mind to founding a small business isn’t going to cut it. With this in mind, we came up with a list of interesting ideas for the remainder of the current year and for the entirety of the upcoming one.
Website Design Everything is revolving around the Internet – if you aren’t on Google, you basically don’t exist. The number of online professions is huge and, quite frankly, the majority of this article is going to cover small business ideas that are based, or in firmly connected to the Internet. Now, website design is among the most popular ideas, when it comes to small businesses and this is why: designing websites is a relatively easily-achievable skill and cashing it in is even easier. A website designer specializes in comi…

10 Business Tips Every Entrepreneur Must Know

The most important problem many entrepreneurs and small business owners have is the fact they're experts in their field and novices about what it really takes to effectively run a business. Gowns what usually trips them up, sooner or later.
Don't let that eventually you. Admit that you don't really know what you may know about business, start with these 10 tips sure to help keep you and your company away of hot water. Several are straightforward, others are counter-intuitive, but they're all true.
Work your business such as a business. You will agree with that many business people run their business like an extension of their personal finances. This can be a very bad idea. Construct the right business entity and keep it separate from your personal life.
Have enough cash in your bank. The most common business-failure mode, absolutely, is running out of cash. In the event you know you have got a cash movement or liquidity problem arriving up, correct it now.
Take care and app…