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It is another beautiful day here dear SAB readers. SAB thanks you all for your support since the existence of this blog. With your powerful efforts of visiting this blog everyday, the blog got its domain this week and looks more professional now with than the blogspot.

With this, SAB wants to trend and pay a little to its fans, visitors and readers from Nigeria. We are really sorry if you are not a Nigerian because we noticed that majority of our readers are from USA. With this, we want to give to our users MTN RECHARGE CARD to you all.

We are sorry for this small recharge card quantity but we promise you as time goes on we shall give you more.

NOTE: To make it more for fun, the last digit of each recharge card will be removed and we wish you best of luck to guess the right digit and enjoy your weekend with it.

Please the recharge card are MTN RECHARGE CARD

- 578799792932385*   (N750)

-866567148387149*    (N750)

- 791279721629993*    (N400)

- 128013938130395*    (N4…

Use Pop up Marquee for Best Advertisement in Australia’s Trade Fairs!

You need to look at the best kinds of things for future reasons and for understanding the true aspects of personality. You can think of having a fine balance between your force on marketing and the returns that you get out of it. You can look for the best kinds of marketing and advertisement techniques that will serve your purpose of popping out of the whole lot. Here you can easily use pop up marquee for Australia’s trade show is one of the best thing that can happen to you in fact.
How Advertising Affects the Sales in a Positive Way
If you are in search of a good reason to hire a marketing firm in Australia that can boast and boost your business name to a new level then you need to think that it is worth paying. It is a competitive world and people know the best advertised products and services, and they are not so considerate about the unique things. If you feel a need to look for the best sorts of reasons for having a good marketing expert then you have to look at the trends in th…

Thank You All! SAB finally unleashed its domain name

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today 27/4/2016, SAB changes from to though the SABtrends was officially unleashed on 23/4/2016. What a day! Today marks that awaiting day which many of our fans, visitors and readers have been waiting for.

Firstly, all thanks and adorations are due to Almight God for His mercy upon all the admins of this blog and all our beloved readers. I also want to thank all bloggers in which in one way or the other that I have learnt some lessons from them. My candid appreciation goes to the man who made the dream of to come into reality, the CEO of Zealmat, Mathias Amodu may Almight God bless you. The CEO of in person of Mikhail, thanks for your support both financially and other ways.

Finally, I really appreciate the support from all our readers, fans and visitors who have made this blog their daily feeder. Without you sincerely speaking SAB would have been no…

How a Chronic Pain Condition Turned Me into a Startup Business Woman

Travel Cross Country with Ease and Comfort by Contracting a Car Rental Group

Got an important business meeting in Islamabad but not certain how you are going to make it there on schedule for the meeting? Maybe you are looking to leave a nice impression on your new client by showing up in a stylish and lavish vehicle? Maybe you have to go to some other city in the country but it is not possible for you to go in your own vehicle because you want to leave it for your family members to use? This is what you can do: book a nice and decent vehicle that suits your needs from one of the numerous professional Rent a car Islamabad services providers.

What are the advantages of getting a rented vehicle?
When you rent a vehicle for cross country travel there are various advantages you can enjoy. Here is a small list of some the main points that make it clear how beneficial it is to avail the services of a professional rent a car services providers when travelling cross country:
Bother free voyaging Getting a rented vehicle will make your life less demanding. Voyaging by me…

Top 7 Effective Ways On How To Become A Great Listener

Listening is the process of receiving, understanding and capturing important parts of pieces of information or a message. The assumption of many people is that listening is also the same thing as hearing. No, listening is quietly different from hearing. Being a good listener is one of the major problems in this 21st century of ours. To be frank, I find myself falling in this problem too.

Many people especially students, they think they are good listeners whereas in the real sense they are not listening to the information or message but they are also hearing it. Being a good listener is a skill that should be developed and even practised. Being a good listener you need to pay total attention to the information and also remain focus. Listening is very important because it enhances our learning processes. Listening is the best method of understanding any message and also improves direction which helps our proper reaction.

However, there are three (3) types of listeners. The three listen…

39 Facts about Uber

No doubt, wherever you are in the world, you've heard something about Uber. Founded in 2009, the start-up currently has over 8 million users. This infographic from Mister Beep, shares some facts about the company and its influence.

Made by Mister Beep

Top 10 Amazing Qualities That Constitute Inner And Outer Beauty

Beauty is a word used to describe the combination of qualities that give pleasure to the sight and mind of an individual. Without doubt, beauty is a pleasing feature. Beauty can be classified into two, which are

1- Inner beauty
2- Outer beauty

Outer beauty is the physical appearance of any individual. The main part many people consider as a beauty tool is the face. The face constitutes of the eye, nose, mouth, cheek etc. Many people use the facial view to grade beauty. Different people with different view of point on something. As a popular saying, beauty is the eye of the beholder. What I see as beautiful might not be seen as beautiful for you.

Inner beauty is not sometime appreciated may be because of its inner feature, that is, it is not physical part that is seen and felt by people. This is not the facial view you can see and draw your view of being beautiful or not. The inner is the essential part of life. For me, I prefer the inner beauty to the outer beauty. Though the outer …

Top 10 Tips For A Stress-Free Academic Study Education

Have you ever seen an uneasiness free understudy just before an exam? I haven't - however in the wake of sitting through three years of law exams, (by far most of which are three to four hours long) I have before long developed a couple tips to offer understudies some help with decreasing their exam stress levels and ensure most prominent efficiency some time as of late, in the midst of and straight after an examination. Before the exam Here are some crucial pre-exam tips to offer you some help with minimizing extend and support capable study.

1. Do whatever it takes not to cram

Analyzing the night before an exam causes the level of nervousness in the body to increase. Sadly, this uneasiness doesn't lessen when you go to rest. The best way to deal with taking so as to lessen anxiety is the night preceding an exam off to loosen up: sit before the TV, banter with a buddy, read a novel.

On the off chance that you're one of those people who get the chance to be tense in pe…

The Major Benefits of Custom Glass Shower Doors for Bathrooms!

The most important things out here for a class difference are really going to be all that great. You need to look for the best kinds of stuff that is really going to fill in your home interiors with best and most durable stuff. It is here that you need to come to see what kinds of facilities are available out here for all great things. You will require the home furnishing and fixation elements that are going to benefit your scope of making a great home decoration. Here if you look for the best kinds of things in a greater scope then custom glass shower doors are really going to work great out here.   

Customized Glass Doors are Adjustable to Your Bathroom SizesYou need to see lots of things around and that too for all the right reasons. You cannot find a bigger reason to look for the best kinds of things around, and that too with a better scope of action. It is right here with the best sorts of things and that too at best scope of action. You need to look for the best customglass show…

TESTED AND CONFIRMED: Get Free Etisalat 4GB Megabytes

Good moment our dear readers and fans,

I got this great info from a friend so I wish I test it first before posting it here to all our fans, visitors and readers.

Etisalat is giving out free 4GB Megabytes to all their users. To get this free Megabytes, simply follow this simple steps;

It is just a simple step of A,B,C
Dial *229*2*2# and thereafter simply dial *8186*1# and a response will be sent to you in a text message form like this:

The message you will receive will look like this; " Your request is successful. You have been granted a one-off 4GB data plan valid for 30 days. Text HELP to 229 for more information."

However, if you were not given the megabyte immediately then kindly make sure you dial *8186*1# up to 5 times and wait for some moments then you grab your copy.

To check your megabyte data balance: Just dial *228# to check the remaining data balance.

NOTE: This trick works very well on New Sim and registered Sims.

Marilyn L. Weber, President & CEO of Deaf Interpreter Services on Women Entrepreneurs Radio™

Show #369

Marilyn L. Weber, president and CEO of Deaf Interpreter Services (DIS), is a certified sign language interpreter and has an adult daughter who is deaf. Marilyn has been working for more than 25 years promoting accessible communication, and advocating for the rights of the deaf community.

She has interpreted in hundreds of professional situations, and conducts deaf awareness workshops, cultural diversity training, and ADA Compliance Consulting. Marilyn has over 2,900 hours of related professional training.

Marilyn has received several awards from various organizations recognizing her work and dedication to the deaf community, including the National Innovation Award from the Women President’s Organization (WPO); Outstanding Philanthropic Small Corporation Award from the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP); the San Antonio Ethics in Business Finalist Award from the City of San Antonio and the Ecumenical Center; Promoting Inclusion and Accessibility Award from the San An…

Relocation Services are Essential for a Problem-free Move

There are several house and office relocations taking place in London. Mostly people plan to manage relocation tasks on their own, but that make things a whole lot difficult for them. If you have recently relocated you might have found yourself saying “never again!”
Unfortunately many people end up frustrated when they don’t hire a reliable man and van Croydon service to help them relocate. You can prevent things from going wrong but hiring an expert team of movers who will get your stuff safely moved out of your current apartment and into the new one.
Reputable moving organizations offer the right help
There are several house removal companies present in market today, but you can’t just trust anyone with your relocation task. When moving out of your current home you can look for some reputable moving companies in your area. You can extract a local listing from the internet or can ask for some referrals from your local estate agent.

Reputable man and van Croydon organizations are re…

Lahore Professional Car Rental Teams Can Help You with Dependable Solutions

There are huge quantities of acclaimed and respectable associations which are putting forth high caliber and budget friendly rent a car services. Today, we will talk about what fundamentally is a "rent a car" service and why do we require them. Why is their prominence expanding step by step and why do individuals believe that they are quite useful? Furthermore, what precisely are these car rental associations giving?

Why anybody might want to contract car rental services?
Rent a car Lahore services can be a real life saver every now and then. Below mentioned are a few circumstances when rent a car services can prove to be useful;
•You can utilize the car rental organizations when you are travelling and you oblige some individual to pick you from the air terminal and drop you at your hotel or home. Likewise, renting a car will be more intelligent decision in the event that you need somebody to pick you from your home to take you to airplane terminal at odd hours of the night.…