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A Bad News for Saudi Expats – Off limits to Expats

I have a bad news for expats who are living in Saudi Arabia. The news is about the new labor law which Saudi government has recently announced. According to this Law Saudi companies will not be able to hire an expats for specific jobs. Which means companies working in Saudi Arabia will have to hire local Saudi people for these jobs.

This law is actually a step do decrease the expat employees who are doing jobs in Saudi Arabia from different countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India etc. It looks like now Saudi government wants their own local people to start working which is definitely a good decision for them. However, it is a big career risk for many of those who are already working there. This step is also taken to protect the out flow of money to other countries from Saudi Arabia. Another cause of this decision is unstable oil price. As you know that oil prices are at its lowest stage in these days and almost 70% of Saudi Arabia’s economy relies on Oil export so due to low price…

Top 20 Most Popular Websites in Nigeria

Top 20 Most Popular Websites in Nigeria 

It is without doubt that, to make it to the top and be among the most visited blogs or websites sincerely speaking it will take an immense amount of hard work, strategy and investment. There are thousands if not millions of blogs or websites in Nigeria and almost all of these blogs or websites write contents on similar thing and are also in the same niche. This indicates that there is a tough and healthy competition among these websites for top ranking on the search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex as well as other popular search engines. The particular websites that rank higher on the search engines will surely get most traffic.
The factors that influence the whether a blog or web site to gain or receive traffics or visitors is its position on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) which in turn will depend on faith to find engine regulations and guidelines, quality of the content, keyword relevance as well as speed. Several websites have met t…