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Blog Interview: Meet Ikoi Abode Ikenna, The Billionaire Entrepreneur & CEO of Eucarl Global Resources

SABTrends at it again, it is my aim to help young folks to achieve their goals or objectives. For the past months now, we brought you top bloggers in Nigeria, entrepreneurs, online marketers and social marketers in the person of Mazino Oyolo KighoMaverickExcel and others. This month I could remember, SABTrends storms the Nollywood industry where we interviewed top Yoruba Actors and Actresses in the most anticipated movie that will soon be released called 'Lamidi Badoo'.
You can't also afford to miss this interesting interview with this top blogger:Mazino Oyolo Kigho the owner of Mazinoweb

 Ikoi Abode Ikenna is the founder of AbodeBusinessOnline. He created the blog to dedicate to all Entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Africa and all over the world.  He is dedicated to help young entrepreneurs, potential businessman, both home and abroad to make their voice heard in a noisy world. However, don't let me take much of your time because the billionaireIkoi Abode Ikenna l has a lot t…

The Secret to Achieving Your Biggest Goals and Dreams

by Jack Canfield

As you probably know, I have achieved an enormous amount of success in my life, and I owe it all to two things:

The first is that I have learned how to access my intuition and tune into my inner guidance, which comes from both my own subconscious mind and the Higher Power that created this Universe and wants us to thrive. I have learned how to meditate, use guided visualization, and read the kinesthetic signals from my body (what some people call “trusting your gut feeling”).

The second is that I have learned to take immediate action on my inner guidance—the quicker, the better!

The power of asking for inner guidance

Asking for inner guidance through meditation has provided me with some very powerful ideas, ones that have accelerated the rate and magnified the size of my personal and professional success.

Here’s an example:

When Mark Victor Hansen and I needed a title for the book of inspirational and motivational stories that we had compiled, I decided to meditate an hour a…

Breast Surgery and its Types

Breasts with a perfect contour are the symbol of femininity for women. Irrespective of their ages, both young and old, women strongly desire to maintain texture, size, shape and elevation of their figure. From wearing padded bras to using medicines, natural remedies and surgical procedures, they are ready to do anything to preserve firmness and contour of their figure. Sadly, researchers have revealed that 70% of females are unhappy with the natural appearance of their bust. Young girls generally desire, for larger breasts, whereas older women always complain about the sagginess of bust. Instead of these aesthetic reasons, a few of them may have lost their breasts due to mastectomy (complete removal to treat cancer). Regardless of the reason behind their unhappiness; they can rectify deformities of size, shape and textures with a range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures.

Here I am discussing few major types of surgical procedures practised across the world to dealt w…

So Funny! Can You Give or Take This as Certificate of Love?