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Top Five (5) Reasons Why You Must Stop Watching Television

Television as a medium where valuable informative, educative, cultural, sport and other programmes are gained. We do enjoy watching television because we learn a lot from it. Many use watching television as a way of relaxing or for fun. No matter how good or benefit you derive from watching television, let me tell you this, do you know turning off your television will earn you a lot of good than watching it. 

If I will not exaggerate it, people normally spend not less than four (4) hours per day on watching television; in which these hours can be used for another valuable and interesting things. The following listed points below are just reasons why you should to turn off your television.

1- WATCHING TELEVISION WASTES YOUR VALUABLE HOURS: No doubt about this, television eats your time big time. The average people watch more than four (4) hours a per day. I think you can these valuable hours which is being wasted on watching television on interesting and rewarding things.


Let Nobody Tells You How To Live Your Life

When I first pondered composing this post, I felt enraged. It was the theme I needed to address that made me feel along these lines. There is this issue is so far reaching we scarcely even notice it any more and I feel I am a casualty of too.

The thing is that particularly when we're youthful, yet not just then, there are individuals around us who are certain that they know how to experience our lives superior to anything us. What's more, I don't mean useful exhortation since that would be an extremely positive thing.

Psychology Of Logo Design

5 Powerful Ways To Instantly Cure Fatigue

I think we can all concur that in this quick paced world, our days are really full and stressful. It's just regular to feel fairly tired sooner or later amid those long days. In the event that you are feeling like you'd rather taking a jump again into your bed as opposed to working, working out, or doing whatever it is that you have to do, this article is for you! I have incorporated here the best strategies to cure your weariness immediately:

1- Take a full breath

Yes, we all inhale without pondering it. Be that as it may, we all for the most part don't inhale appropriately. Profound breathing aides in the better conveyance of oxygen to your body's cells, alongside supplements in your circulatory system. Too, it helps during the time spent diverting poisons by means of your lymphatic framework. In the event that you don't detoxify legitimately, which appropriate breathing does, you get to be powerless to weight pick up, muscle misfortune, irritation, and yes, weak…

How to Create Powerful Momentum by Giving Thanks

by Chris Atley

It’s been my experience that when I’m feeling grateful, I’m in a happier mood overall. I’m hopeful about the future and have a clear perspective about the present.

I like to make it a morning habit of starting off my day from this place. I run through everything I’m feeling thankful for.

Sometimes it’s as small as looking at the palm trees and feeling thankful I live in a tropical place – it does also remind me just how big of a dream come true it was for us to move here :) My “attitude of gratitude” practice really does give the day a positive kick start!

We all know what happens when you’re in a good mood. You attract and receive more to be in a good mood about. It’s the law of vibration in action. This is super important to understand in order for you to achieve the goals you want to reach. For whatever you desire in your business – i.e. more clients, increasing your income, etc. – the way to do it is already there. The problem is that you are not allowing it to come int…

5 Most Important Foods You Should Eat Everyday

Here is a top list of the main 5 nourishments that have been appeared to decrease the danger of coronary illness, growth, and a large group of different ailments. Best of whatever, you don't need to change your present method for eating! Basically consolidate these nourishments into your day by day eating regimen and you'll soon be well on your approach to more lively wellbeing. 
1. GREEN VEGETABLES Green Vegetables provides mental clarity for the body system. This incorporates broccoli, Brussels grows, spinach, kale, and all other dark green vegetables. They fortify the cerebrum, blood, and safe framework, furthermore have been appeared to counteract disease and even battle sorrow. Eat them crude to keep your digestive tract fit as a fiddle. Since there are differing levels of vitamins, minerals, and fiber in these green vegetables, eat a wide assortment of them to profit. Numerous individuals have one sort every day and turn them.

2. BEANSBeans balances Blood Glucose le…

How I Self-Published My Audiobooks on Audible

by Deborah A Bailey

Seeing how a lot of entrepreneurs are publishing books these days, I wanted to share my experiences publishing my books as audiobooks.

My first audiobook, Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and Taking Charge of Your Life was published in 2014.

After I published that book in 2010 I hadn’t planned on an audio version. But, after reading about the growth of audiobooks — which reached approximately 1.47 billion in 2014 – I decided to dive in.

Here are some things to keep in mind for the self-publisher:

There are other platforms for audiobooks, but I went with ACX  (Audiobook Creation Exchange) which is owned by Amazon. Using the same login/password you use to publish your books on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), you can login to ACX. Once you’re on there, you claim the books you’ve published on Amazon.

Once you claim your book, you’re guided through steps to set up your book so that you can get auditions from narrators.

Getting Started

I usually pay the voic…


The Webster's Dictionary characterizes integrity or trustworthiness as 'healthy good standards; genuineness; soundness; the nature of being entire or unified.'

To me it is about being what you accept and doing what you say. 

A man or lady of respectability satisfies what he or she guarantees. They are the ones who thank others. They are the ones saying please. They are the ones who show admiration to others. They regard others as they themselves would longing to be dealt with.

For on the off chance that you say one thing but then do another you are separated. Also, as Abraham Lincoln once expressed, that a house partitioned against itself can't stand.

It's keeping your statement regardless of the fact that it's not advantageous, or it might even be fairly uncomfortable. It's turning up on schedule for arrangements. It's being solid and reliable.

Respectability appears in the seemingly insignificant details. Furthermore, in the event that you deal with th…


Is it accurate to say that you are a worrier? Do you continually go over each "imagine a scenario in which" conceivable. Does your brain summon terrible pictures of what might possibly happen? When you attempt to settle on a choice, do stresses solidify you in your tracks? Provided that this is true, the accompanying tips will help you to quit stressing and begin living once more. You'll have the capacity to make a move, take care of issues, settle on better choices lastly unwind.


When you stress your body pumps out anxiety hormones by the bucketful. Rather than sitting and contemplating what's disturbing you, get up and accomplish something. Whether you can really make a move toward taking care of the issue you're stressing over or simply need to get your brain off of stressing by and large, development discharges repressed vitality and channel it in another heading. Activity, do a heap of clothing or dishes, go out for a stroll, make a telephone call, simply…