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Visual Marketing is The Way To Increase sales

Do you remember staring at that blank billboard, lacking any kind of interesting imagery with nothing more than a bare text sprawled all over it? Of course, you don’t. You haven’t even noticed that billboard, let alone gave it enough attention to gaze upon it. The problem that occurred here, however, goes way beyond your lack of temporary amusement. The business that tried to capture your attention made a horrible mistake believing that the sheer message will be enough to spark your attention. That business’s revenue will suffer as a result. But why is that so?

Image credits: Pixabay

An Image is Worth a Thousand Words
Visual Marketing Equals Increased Revenue
  • Visual content enhances online experience
  • Visual content makes bigger splash on social networks
  • Great design adds to product value.
  • Premium package sells the product. 
  • The rising importance of video in marketing. 

How to Successfully Implement Visual Content into Branding Strategy
  • Visual language needs to be coherent across all marketing channels.
  • Visual language needs to follow rules set by existing brands.
  • Visual elements need to be engaging and used to tell some story.
  • In the instances where images and videos are used to accompany written message, visual content should not clutter the space and draw attention away from the message.
  • Different marketing channels are appealing to different audience. Visual elements need to be slightly adjusted to satisfy the needs of that audience.

The answer is rather simple – written words are able to produce only the fraction of the effect of some interesting picture. As a matter of fact, according to a recent survey simply adding color to some written text will increase readers’ attention by staggering 80%. Another interesting fact states that when people hear some information they will be able to recall no more than 10% of that information just three days later. On the other hand, if that information is paired with some relevant image, people will retain 65% of that information in the same time frame. Judging by this fact, one would assume that strong visuals plays very important role in the world of marketing.

Image credits: Pixabay

The reason behind this lies in the fact that visual marketing reaches far beyond the lonely billboard we mentioned above. As much as branding represents every touch point between some business and its customers, visual marketing represents all visual aspects of branding. Let us take a quick look how this factors eventually lead to increased revenue:

Online marketing makes an essential part of any coherent branding strategy. Although huge part of that strategy is resolved around written text (blogging, SEO, etc.), powerful and well-placed imagery makes the written content more digestible and easy to understand. Even the basic things - like website design - can do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to initial visitor engagement.

 Social networks are another integral part of online marketing. Then it is very important to note that the use of visual content in Facebook marketing campaigns generates 65% more engagement.

 If Apple has taught us anything, that would be that premium design and build quality can go a very long way in establishing a strong brand and eventually increasing the perceived price of some product. And as long as customer’s needs and desires are satisfied, the perceived price of that product can heavily influence its actual market price.

The benefits of implementing the visual marketing methods in packaging are twofold. First, premium package influences some product’s perceived value and, in turn, its market price. Second, a quality company dealing with design or printings services will be able to produce a package design that can serve as a marketing asset and generate a lot of online attention, even on its own.

Online videos are slowly replacing the written content as a go-to online marketing asset. A strikingly visual medium, video is finally catching up with text when it comes to analytics (e.g. modern marketing platforms are able to track information like average drop-off rates) that help marketers improve the lead generation and revenue.

As we can see, visual marketing is a very broad term that covers everything - from product design and packaging to content marketing and social media. In order for this abundance of methods and different marketing channels to produce results, some rules need to be applied:

Image credits: Pixabay

Today’s business playing field is dense and relentless. In order to survive these harsh conditions businesses have to use all the available means and assets. Not paying attention to such a valuable asset is a mistake no business can afford.


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