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How to Prepare Bulk iPads for an Event

If you are going to use ipads for an event like school fair, business meeting or in a seminar then you may also need to configure your ipad devices one by one which is definitely a very time consuming and full of efforts task. You will have to work on each of your ipad to configure it according to your requirements. From IT prospective it is also not a fun so you will also get bored doing the same thing. To resolve this issue now there is an app available which is called Configurator. This app helps you to configure multiple ipads simultaneously. With the help f this app you can add wifi passwords, update leatest IOs or install different apps on each of your devices. With the help of this tool you can synchronize upto 30 ipads and configure them at once.

Here is how this app works.

To start with the process first you will need to install Apple Configurator on your Mac or any other Apple device by which you will configure other devices. After installation you will see three main windows in the UI of this tool. The windows or options include Prepare, Supervise and Assign. Here is how you will use each option to configure each device.

In this window screen you can prepare the configurations you want in each of your ipad. Here you can select the ipad passwords, wifi passwords and other configurations. You can find a lot of options here to configure your devices.

Create a configuration profiles in which specify all of your required configurations.

After creating your configuration now connect all of your devices with data cable. The software will automatically detected all of connected devices and will show them in supervise window. Here you can also rename your devices or make their different groups. You can also install apps with this tool so here you will be able to see the apps you have mentioned to install on your devices.

After doing all of your configurations now its time to apply them on your ipads. You can do so on assign tab. Here you will see the check out button at the end of software window. Click that button and it will automatically start configuring all of your devices. This process may take 10 to 20 minutes depends on your internet speed. One the process is completed; you can check your devices to see the configuration changes.

That’s it. You have finally configured all of your devices in same way without working on each of them separately. If you are still unsure about doing so then hire ipads for your event from tablets 4 rental and get ipad configuration service for free.


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