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Introducing Workplace, Health, Safety and Environmental Measures to Your Business

Introducing Workplace, Health, Safety and Environmental Measures to Your Business

Today’s business playing field is relentless and unforgiving. In such circumstances, it is not that big of a wonder that businesses are putting their own sheer survival on the first, and various health, safety and environmental rules on the second place. Still, no matter how pragmatic this approach may sound, it should be pointed out that abiding to existing legislation concerning the mentioned topics is not only necessary, but can open the doors to various benefits. So, let us take a look at some of the health safety and environmental rules and how they can be used to improve your business.

Environmental Regulations
When it comes to environmental protection, ecologically sustainable development has been the goal of the environmental law for more 20 years. Today, environmental legislation in Australia is being handled by the state and territory governments. If you want to find the detailed exploration of these regulations, you can check local policies right here. Implementing these rules in the shortest possible terms would require you to:

  • Apply for an energy audit
  • Reduce your business’s overall consumption (especially energy consumption)
  • Cut the usage of paper
  • Apply for local green rebates and other incentives aimed at reducing consumption
By following these few guidelines your business will:
  • Receive assistance from the government
  • Spend less on energy and raw materials
  • Improve workplace safety by reducing the usage of industrial waste

Health and Safety Regulations
In Australia, workplace health and safety have been regulated by the Model WHS (Work Health and Safety) Act, the current version of which has been published in March 2016.The best way to check the information about the local WHS laws is to contact your WHS regulator or check the Jurisdictional implementation table, but the act can be summarized in few key points:

  • Employer must secure the safety of all workers (including part-time workers).
  • Employer must provide its employees necessary training and instructions aimed at improving safety at work (e.g. fire drills).
  • Employer must provide safe working environment.
  • Employer must provide necessary safety equipment.
  • Employer must report all accidents and signs of danger to authorities.
  • Depending on the nature of the company, employer must assign trained professional to supervise the safety of other workers.
  • Employer must create strategies for resolving safety issues (e.g. displayed emergency procedures and evacuation diagram).
  • Employer must be up to date with the latest workplace safety laws.

It should be mentioned that business owners can delegate most of these duties to a third-party consultants who can also offer a great insight on national standards regarding the issues like noise levels, handling hazardous materials, working in confined spaces, etc.

Security Measures
The security of the workers and the employees is largely covered by the WHS regulations. However, according to U.S. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), 40% of businesses that face some sort of human or nature caused disaster never reopen afterwards. With the things as they are, improving the security of your premises and your employees should be amongst your top priorities. Here are few guidelines:

  • Install reinforced doors, security cameras and alarms.
  • Install motion triggered lights.
  • Install high profile locks.
  • Restrict the access to your premises and its parking lot with fences.
  • Inspect the premises on regular basis.
  • Establish firm security procedures all employees must abide (checking in, personal ID cards, tracking who is borrowing keys, etc.)
  • Schedule regular maintenance duties to prevent dangerous equipment malfunctions.
  • Restrict the access to vital information to lower ranked employees.
  • Discourage atmosphere of secrecy and encourage transparency whenever you can.

These were some of the most important regulations and guidelines you should look up to if you want to improve your business’s security, reduce its environmental impact and improve workplace health and safety conditions. Going through all the details may take you some time, but the benefits you will get in return will more than make up for that.


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