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SIM card registration in Nigeria was officially launched on 28 March, 2011 following concerns raised by security agencies, as far back as 2008, to Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) over inability to trace criminal elements who use unregistered phone lines to facilitate their criminal activities. 

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In addition, it will also help or facilitate the collation of data by the Commission about users or phone usage in Nigeria. Besides that, it enables the commission to effectively implement other value added services like Number Portability among others. 

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has fined four of Nigeria’s leading telecom operators, MTN, Etisalat, Airtel and Globacom a sum of N120.4 million for having incomplete and pre-registered SIM cards in their systems. 

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For this reason, the telecommunication service providers have urged all their customers to re-register again, some customers' lines have been disconnected while some are unable to either make or receive call or text messages but to avoid double registration, wasting of time, long queue and so on. You can easily know the status of your sim to know whether to go for re-registration or not. 

How to check if your MTN SIM is registered
Send "REG" as a message to "789". 

 How to check if your GLO SIM is registered 
Send "REG" as a message to "3456". 

How to check if your ETISALAT SIM is registered. 
To verify your SIM card registration status kindly call their customer care service by dialling 200 or sending an email to 

How to check if your AIRTEL SIM card has been registered  
To check if your Airtel SIM card has been registered simply call their customare care by dialling 111 on your phone. 
You can also check your AIRTEL registration status by dialling *746# or by sending an email to 



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